Wireless Smoke Detector

Wireless ESL Smoke Detector

Wireless ESL Smoke Detector Description

The ESL supervised smoke alarms are self-diagnostic Learn Mode wireless sensors with 319.5MHz transmitters that use photoelectric technology with a self-contained sounder, a low battery annunciator, status LED, and integrated fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensor.

Each unit has a base tamper switch, is part of a residential security/fire alarm system, and communicates with the system control panel.

Wireless ESL Smoke Detector Features

  • 3V Lithium battery operated
  • Field replaceable optical chamber
  • Built-in 85dBa temporal sounder
  • Built-in drift compensation
  • Optional built-in heat detection
  • Learn Mode
  • 319.5MHz crystal transmitter
  • Alarm signal sent to central station on test
  • Low battery pre-alarm sent to control station