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Simon XT V2

Simon XT Description

Simon XT™ is a cost-effective security system that offers up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection, and which complies with SIA False Alarm Standards. With a built-in display touchpad and a status speaker that provides visual and voice messages for feedback, Simon XT is well suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums.

Simon XT Features

  • 40 wireless zones – two can be hardwire (normally-closed loop only)
  • Supports Crystal and SAW Learn Mode sensors
  • Supports repeaters
  • Supports two-way RF products (version specific)
  • Indoor and outdoor motion sensors
  • Chime feature for monitoring door, window, or motion activity
  • 1 master access code and 8 programmable user access codes of 3 to 6 digits
  • SIA or CID central station reporting formats and Voice Event Notification reporting via PSTN (native) and/or GSM, IP (with optional modules)
  • Programmable No Activity and No Usage report features
  • Built-in 2-way voice
  • Meets SIA False Alarm Standards
  • 100-event buffer with time and date stamp
  • Panel voice and beeps that can be disabled
  • Program panel with built-in touchpad or Enterprise Downloader software v3.4 or later
  • Expansion options
  • Internet based interactivity (with GSM module & service)
  • Support for on-premise remote control with optional talking touchpad accessory