Slim Window/Door Sensor

Wireless Recessed Door/Window Sensor

Recessed Door/Window Sensor Description

The DesignLine Recessed Door Contact from GE Security is the industry’s finest supervised, recessed door contact. Hidden within the door frame, the DesignLine contact is ideal, especially when a discreet sensor is required. The contact uses a replaceable lithium battery that lasts up to five years under normal usage and comes with a standard flush-mount and a flanged top.

Recessed Door/Window Sensor Features

  • Compact design ensures effortless installation
  • Hides discreetly in door frame
  • Replaceable lithium battery lasts up to five years
  • Easily installed •Standard flush-mount and flanged tops included
  • Requires only one drill bit to install •Supervisory reports of battery and transmitter condition

RecessedDoor/Window Sensor Specifications

  • Battery: CR2032, 3 VDC, 225 mAh, Lithium Coin Cell
  • Typical Battery Life: 5 years
  • Transmitter Frequency319.508 MHz (crystal-controlled)
  • Transmitter Frequency Tolerance+/- 8 kHz
  • Bandwidth4 kHz
  • Modulation Type: Amplitude Shift Key (ASK)
  • Unique ID Codes: 16 million
  • Peak Field StrengthTypical 30,000 uV/m @ 3m
  • Magnetic Sensitivity of Reed Switch: 10 to 20 amp turns
  • Reed Sensitivity: .38-in. (.97-cm) gap
  • Magnet Type: Nd-Fe-B, N45
  • Magnet Dimensions: (WxHxD)0.7 in. (1.8 cm) long x 0.75 in. x (1.9 cm) diam.
  • Supervisory Interval: 64 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C) to 120 degrees F (49 degrees C)
  • Enclosure: PC-540
  • Weight: 0.45 oz. (12.6g)
  • Dimensions: 1.55 in. (3.92cm) long x 0.87 in. (2.21 cm) diam.
  • Colors: Belgian Grey
  • FCC Standard: FCC Part 15